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Did you know...

Brushing your TeethThat Dental Care is important for your child?

Untreated tooth decay in pre-schoolers is increasing according to the U.S Center for Disease Control & Prevention. Infected teeth can lead to dangerous infections of the neck, blood, lungs and brain. Prevention is the best way to avoid dental problems and can start in infancy. For breast fed infants fluoride is an important factor. Starting at six months of age fluoride is needed. In the metro Atlanta area and surrounding counties the water supply meets minimum fluoride requirements.

Cleaning those new baby teeth is as simple as using water on a soft cloth and gentle rubbing. When changing to toothpaste, a very small amount, less than pea size will be fine.

  • Brush twice a day
  • Start seeing a dentist a t 2 years of age
  • Stop bottles by 15 months of age and pacifiers by 2 years old
  • Only let your child carry around water in their sippy cup or bottle. Watered down juices or milk coat the teeth with just enough sugar to promote bacterial growth, besides decreasing your child’s appetite.

Remember: “You do not have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep!”

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