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How is Asthma Treated?

Asthma is treated by avoiding your triggers and using medications. Medications include long-term control medications, sometimes called "preventive medicines," and quick-relief medications, sometimes called "rescue medicines." The long-term medications are used every day. The quick-relief medications are used as needed. These treatments are used to control asthma and help you live a normal, active life.

To control asthma, you will have to work out an asthma plan with your provider that includes:

  • Treating symptoms early
  • Doing the right things for any changes in symptoms
  • Knowing when you need a provider's help and seeking help without delaying

What Can a Patient with Asthma Expect
from Treatment?

With the proper treatment, most people with asthma will be able to:

  • Be active without having asthma symptoms. This means exercise and sports!
  • Sleep through the night without having asthma symptoms.
  • Prevent asthma episodes (attacks).
  • Avoide the side effects of asthma medications.


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