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The majority of insurance companies require a referral from our office when you visit a specialist or an Emergency/Urgent Care facility. Please read the following information regarding our office and your referral.

Standard Specialist Referrals
If your provider recommends that you see a specialist you will need to provide a current insurance card for your child before we can begin the referral process. You will then make your appointment with the specialist. If you need recommendations we do have a list of recommended specialist.Once the appontment is made call the referral coordinator with the appointment information.

Emergency Room / Urgent Care Facilities
If the office is closed and you need to go to one of these facilities you must first be sure that it is a facility your insurance plan is going to pay for. After your visit you need to call our office within 24-72 hours of this visit and give us your diagnosis, and the place, date, and time of the visit so that we may do the referral. If you wait too long to inform us of your ER/ Urgent Care visit most companies will not back date referrals and therefore you will be responsible for payment. Please note that if our office is OPEN we will not issue a referral to the ER or Urgent Care facility unless our office has directed you to go directly there.

PPO Insurance
You are not required to have a referral, however if you are in doubt check with your insurance company.

If You are Out of Town
We cannot do out-of-state referrals. If you are out of town and need medical care you must call your insurance company and ask them what facility you may go to.

Additional Information
All Referrals can take up to three days for completion. Please allow yourself enough time between your referral request and your scheduled appointment. We do our best to take care of your referrals properly, however this can be a complex and rapidly changing process. It is ultimately your responsibility to be certain that the specialist you will be seeing is covered by your insurance plan and that all steps required by your insurance company have been properly taken.

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