Newborn Care

Prenatal Visits Families who are expecting newborns are invited to schedule a visit with one of our providers to learn more about our practice. These visits are scheduled at the beginning of the morning schedule. Newborn Visits Congratulations on the birth of your newborn! If you decide to select our clinic, please notify your obstetrician and the hospital pediatrician who examines your newborn. After the birth of your newborn, please call our clinic to schedule the first appointment. After hospital discharge, a newborn is typically seen for first clinic visit within 1-3 days. Documents to bring to newborn visit
  • Newborn hospital discharge paperwork
    • Including birth weight, discharge weight, hearing screen results, immunization given, labs done, and HIV/hepatitis B status of mother
  • Insurance card and picture ID
    • Most insurance companies allow guardians a 30 day period to enroll newborns. Please contact your insurance company as soon as possible and provide the clinic with the pertinent information